Does CBD Need Different Storage/Usage Conditions than THC?

Does CBD Need Different Storage/Usage Conditions than THC?

Does CBD Need Different Storage/Usage Conditions than THC?

As a little bit of an enthusiast that is self-proclaimed one of the greatest things I’m a stickler about is keeping appropriate storage space conditions for my cannabis items. Whether or not the products mentioned are flower or tinctures, exactly the same guideline applies: storing cannabis in a temperate, favorable environment is essential to ensuring its durability. This applies equally to CBD items as well.

Irrespective of being various on a molecular level from THC, CBD belongs to The plant that is same as THC does. Broadly speaking, storage space conditions should remain the exact same. an excellent exemplory case of this will be tinctures and natural oils. Producers often suggest that CBD items should really be held in a dark, cool, and dry place. The ultimate goal here is to prevent degradation of strength.

I’m sure a few people who decide for putting their CBD into the fridge or fridge. Even though this can slow straight down the degradation process, light continues to be a concern. In an attempt to explore the results of various storage space conditions on cannabis, researchers put two types of cannabis oil under varying conditions for a time period of four years where in fact the quantities of THC, CBD, and CBN in each test had been calculated.

The research demonstrates that CBD and THC levels degraded less quickly in dark conditions whilst being chilled at 39°F. Degradations happened faster whenever each sample ended up being placed directly under laboratory light at 71°F. Interestingly, CBN levels increased significantly within the same period that is four-year.

These findings echo many wisdom that is general it comes down to CBD storage. Warmer temperatures and prolonged experience of light can cause a decrease into the potency of your CBD services and products. If you’re unsure as to where it really is far better store your CBD, check to see if the product label provides any Information storage that is regarding.

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